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Which Charity Do You Support?


Proceeds from items bought at this shop go to supporting a large number of organizations! 

Do you have a non-profit that is near and dear to your heart?  You can help them!  How?

  • Get the Organization registered with us

  • Donate items under the name of the Organization

  • If you have time to give, volunteer hours at the shop to increase the proceeds for the charity

  • Shop here, and help spread the word about us! We offer clothes, jewelry, collectibles and antiques, household goods and some used furniture.  Selection changes daily and depends on donations from the community.

Which non-profits qualify?  Any that directly benefits Clark County residents and does not already have a brick-and-mortar retail option as part of its fundraising opportunities.

Thank you for supporting Nifty and Thrifty!  vancouverthrift.com